Five Gs

While none of us can achieve perfection in this life, our desire is to make daily progress in the pursuit of holiness—progress that reflects principles and core values seen throughout Scripture. Willow Creek sums up these core values and principles in statements we call “The Five Gs.”



I have been saved by grace. I live by it and am committed to showing it to others. When I struggle in this area, I will dive deeper into my understanding of grace (Ephesians 2:8–9).



I will continually pursue growth toward Christlikeness. When I struggle, I will seek every resource at my disposal to begin growing again (2 Peter 3:18).



I will pursue authentic community with other believers as modeled in the New Testament—especially the book of Acts, chapter 2. As I’m able, I will help others grow in their faith and welcome their help as I grow in mine. When I’m tempted to abandon living a life of community in relationship with others, I will ask for help from God and others to keep those relationships strong (Acts 2:46).



I will identify the spiritual gifts God has entrusted to me and use them to help build His church. When I struggle to understand what my gifts are or how to use them, I will commit to learning more about them and to growing in my ability to put them into action (Romans 12:6–8).



I will steward the resources God has given me in ways that align with the wisdom and guidelines found in Scripture. I will handle money in a way that frees me from financial bondage and allows me to be generous. I will give—or work toward giving—the full tithe for God’s work. (The tithe is described in Scripture as one tenth of one’s earnings.) When I struggle to be a good steward, I will examine how I use my resources and take steps toward becoming more faithful and sacrificial in giving back to God for His work (Philippians 4:11–19).


Pursuing “The Five Gs” means you are well on your way to becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ. These core values from Scripture are not just arbitrary rules; they provide direction that help every follower of Jesus live in a way that pleases God. They will help you grow into the best version of yourself—something God desires for every one of His children.


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