Coming August 17: Test-drive before you buy

See for yourself what serving is like when you test-drive volunteer roles during See the Serve, a two-week, no-strings-attached event that begins August 17.

“In response to the current serving focus in our We Are Here series,” says Lara Olson, connection and serving director, “we’re launching an event that makes it quick and easy for people to check out different volunteer roles before signing on. See the Serve is just that—a chance to test-drive before you buy.”

Our church currently has hundreds of open volunteer positions in dozens of different ministry areas. “The church needs your unique contributions,” Lara says. “We’re all called to build God’s kingdom. But volunteering is much more than a cool way to give back to God; it’s a gift you give yourself. When you serve in an area that fits who God made you to be, it’s life-giving and fulfilling.”

To experience what serving is like in a ministry that interests you, simply sign up for the role(s) you’d like to explore during a time that fits your schedule, and you’ll meet volunteers currently serving in that area. You can ask questions, meet leaders, and experience the ministry firsthand.

See the Serve runs August 17–30, so there’s plenty of time to test-drive several serving opportunities. Choose from a wide variety of volunteer roles in the following areas:

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