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Surrender | Listen | Obey

Following Jesus has always been a high-challenge proposition. He invites us to follow Him fully, so that we can be transformed.


The heart of Willow Chicago is to be a transformed and transforming community—committed to following Jesus boldly, proclaiming His gospel fearlessly, embracing radically inclusive community, and sacrificially engaging with our city.


It seems so appropriate that we use the word TRANSFORM to describe our process to move into our permanent home.


As we enter into TRANSFORM, my prayer is that each of us will fully engage with God and our church. Our TRANSFORM journey, like the invitation to follow Jesus, is high-challenge. Three words capture what we are doing: SURRENDER, LISTEN, and OBEY.


My challenge to you is to:


  • Pray a risky prayer. Ask God how He would have you invest in our church’s future and be willing to SURRENDER to His direction.

  • Make space to hear from God. LISTEN to what He has to say to you.

  • Respond and fully OBEY. Risky prayers lead to journeys of faith. Do what God asks of you and enjoy the story He will write in your life about his faithfulness.


This is a three-year process where we seek to raise $6 million to acquire our permanent home and create a worship center, Promiseland space, and community space.


We are asking you to be committed and faithful all three years with giving that is above and beyond your regular tithe. When we are faithful, God transforms us.


Years from now, you will be telling the story of how God called you to be part of TRANSFORM and how he used this process to TRANSFORM you, TRANSFORM our church community, and TRANSFORM our city.



Love Everyone Always,


Play Your Part


Willow Chicago has been searching for a permanent home for a number of years.  While we have enjoyed hosting services in the Auditorium Theatre, the cost and the limitations are hindering us as a church community. After years of searching for a permanent home, God has answered our prayer with the property at 1319-1347 S State Street.  


In order to TRANSFORM this building into our permanent home, we need the sacrificial participation of every person who is part of Willow Chicago.
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