Journey Through Mark

The life of Jesus is the stuff of a good story, one that the writer of Mark has likely heard time and again. But what makes this good story even better is this: It’s true.

The whole family can dive into the book of Mark with weekend messages, daily devotionals, and more! 


Downloadable Resources

April 4/5 message notes: Sacrifice

March 28/29 message notes: Stop Running Scared

March 14/15 message notes: Winning the Battle of Impact


Devotional Books

Journey Book - Adult Edition

Journey Book - Student Edition

Journey Graphic Novel (Grades 2–5)

Journey Story Book (infant–grade 1)

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Digitally on WillowCreek.TV (5:30 p.m. on Saturdays, 9 & 11:15 a.m. on Sundays)

March 14/15: Ray Johnston & Steve Gillen • Come On Now (Mark 1:16–20, 8:34–36)

March 21/22: Steve Gillen • They Did Not Understand (Mark 4:35–41, 5:21–43, 6:45–52)

March 28/20: Ray Johnston • Lifesaving Measures (Mark 2:13–17, 5:1–20, 7:24–30, 8:1–10)

April 4/5: Albert Tate • Not Who You Think (Mark 8:27–38, 9:30–35, 10,32–45)


Additional Resources

Go deeper in the Journey Through Mark with additional resources here.

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