Global Compassion & Justice Ministry

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 Our Vision 

The mission of the Local and Global Compassion and Justice ministries at Willow Creek Community Church is to fight poverty and injustice so that lives are transformed and Jesus is known.
The Global Ministry of Willow Creek best lives out this mission in partnership with locally-run organizations and networks of churches united by a common vision or goal to serve their communities together in Christ. Through relationships with our partners, we support and encourage local churches, coming alongside them to amplify what they already successfully do to serve their communities.

Our Values

Our guiding values are three-fold as we partner globally, all rooted in a desire to empower local churches that are committed to the long-term holistic transformation of their communities for God’s glory: Humble Ministry, Holistic Ministry, and Sustainable Ministry.

Our Global Partners

Latin America
Enlace – El Salvador
Saq B’e – Guatemala
Red Viva – Costa Rica
AVI/Love Serves – Dominican Republic

Middle East & Asia
Nazarene Church Network – Jordan and Iraq
Kone Kmeng – Cambodia
RIMI/Mission India – India

Tubepoka Development Initiative – Malawi
Limpopo Church Network – South Africa
Care and Hope for All – Zambia
Jubilee Centre – Zambia
Serve Zambia – Zambia


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Global Serving Teams

Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID 19 we do not have any global serving teams on the calendar for 2021. We are continuing to build relationships with our global partners through prayer and financial support, and we hope to resume sending global teams as soon as possible. Please check back September 2021 for an update on global serving teams.

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