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Helping you commemorate your loved one

The death of a loved one ushers in a cascading well of complex emotions. In the shock of grief, planning a funeral or memorial service to honor, remember, and celebrate loved ones can feel overwhelming. Willow Creek assists families during these difficult times by providing support, comfort, and help in designing a meaningful memorial service or funeral to honor their loved one.

Willow Creek's funeral team offers officiants who can help you plan your loved one's memorial or funeral, and who can lead your service at Willow Crystal Lake, or elsewhere.

Need grief support or help planning a funeral?

Contact Donnalynn Collings, Pastor of Care, 779.220.5819.

Grief Counseling

Willow Creek’s Counselor Referral Network (CRN) includes a number of skilled, compassionate therapists who specialize in helping people process a significant loss.

For a list of local Christian counselors call Willow Crystal Lake at 779.220.5819

Grief Support: Life After Loss Workshop

Whether you have lost your loved one recently, or it has been years since your loss, Grief Support is a safe place to share your pain and recieve comfort and hope with others who have "been there." Each group leader has experienced loss themselves, and is trained to walk with you during your grief journey. For more information call our Care Pastor line, 779.220.5819