Prayer Support

Prayer is one way we can bring our requests to God, both as individuals and as a group. Willow Creek's Prayer Teams are committed to lifting up the needs of the community through prayer. We welcome you to explore prayer support at all Willow campuses. Click on your preferred location below.

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Pray—and connect with God

Willow South Barrington

When you pray, you connect with God at a deeper level, bringing your needs and your gratitude to Him. Throughout the week, members of Willow's prayer team stand ready to listen and pray with you. Experience the comfort and peace prayer can bring.

Online prayer requests

Submit your request for prayer online here—and your need will be lifted to God by our dedicated, confidential intercessory prayer team. 


Stop by the Prayer Room (Room D252, located between the Atrium and the Café) before or after weekend services, and meet with a member of Willow's prayer team who will pray for you. 

Pray with a Willow Creek response pastor

Pray with a pastor during the week by calling 847-765-5000, 9 a.m.–4 p.m., Monday–Friday. Ask to be connected with a response pastor who can listen to your story, help you discern next steps (including Willow Creek resources), and pray with you.


The Prayer Room—a place to pray

Willow South Barrington's Prayer Room, located between the Main Lobby and the Atrium in Room D252, is a quiet, peaceful space purposefully set aside for people to engage in spiritual practices—prayer, journaling, Bible study, meditation, and self-examination. The Prayer Room is open around service times each weekend and throughout the week, whenever the church building is open. Stop by and pray with someone—or take time to connect with God on your own.