Frequently Asked Questions 

  • When does RECOVER meet? RECOVER meets from 7–8:30 p.m. on most Wednesday nights throughout the year.
  • Do I need to register? If you're interested in attending RECOVER, please reach out to Ron Kessler at or Karen Spears at
  • Is there a cost? No. RECOVER is free.
  • I'm not much of a churchgoer. Can I still come? Absolutely! RECOVER welcomes everyone—from all churches and faith backgrounds, or no faith at all.
  • Your building is big! Which entrance should I use? Park near Entrance B. RECOVER is in rooms B205-207, located just inside the Entrance B doors down the hallway to the left.
  • What kind of issues can RECOVER help me overcome? RECOVER groups help two primary types of people: Those who are struggling with relationships, and those who are working on their own unhelpful patterns and coping mechanisms. Common issues include: setting healthy boundaries; helping a loved one with an addictive pattern; finding your voice; issues with control or anger; people pleasing (codependency); alcohol abuse; prescription drug addiction or illegal drug use; sexual betrayal; pornography; food issues; gaming; gambling; social-media addiction; and more. If you're open to grow and heal, you'll find help here. 
  • Is RECOVER offered in Spanish? Willow's Spanish-language church, Casa de Luz, offers its own recovery program, Recupérate, in Spanish.
  • I've experienced sexual trauma (sexual harassment, unwanted sexual experiences, sexual abuse, etc.) Is RECOVER for me? If you are seeking help in addressing the negative ways that you have coped or responded as a result of your sexual trauma (ex. history of unhealthy relationships, drinking, people pleasing, finding your voice, uncontrolled anger, etc.) then RECOVER is absolutely a place for you. If you are seeking help to work through the traumatic event(s), then we strongly recommend seeking Christian counseling with a professional therapist. If you are interested in a counseling referral, we would love to help. Simply call a Response Pastor at (847) 765-5000, M-F from 9am-5pm to find a Christian counselor near you.
  • What if I have experienced sexual betrayal (my spouse was unfaithful or has a sexual addiction of any kind), is RECOVER for me? We do have resources for people who have experienced betrayal in RECOVER. Due to the number of men vs. women who have experienced betrayal, we don’t currently have a men’s group, only a women’s group. For people who have just recently learned about the betrayal or are just starting to unpack the betrayal, we recommend that they first address their grief (because there is understandably a lot of grief). That is what the women at our table for sexual betrayal do before moving through the rest of our curriculum. Since we don’t have a grieving table for men, if you are a man who is new to unpacking the betrayal, then a good next step would be to attend individual counseling to or to attend REBUILD, which is a workshop about grief. Once you feel like you have some tools to address the grief (not that you’re done grieving since it is a cyclical process), then we highly recommend RECOVER as a next step.
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