What's the RECOVER program like? 

The RECOVER program is comprised of two key components—large-group time (30 minutes) and small-group time (60 minutes)—plus optional hang-out time before and after. 

Large-group teaching: During the first 30 minutes of RECOVER, you'll hear someone teach about one of the values of recovery's 12 steps. Teachers are often leaders from our RECOVER program who share about their past struggles and how they found help and hope in their own recovery journey. 

Small groups and materials: Willow Creek produces its own curriculum, rooted in the Christian faith and 12-step principles. 

If it's your first time in RECOVER (or if it's been a while since you've attended), head to our newcomers table after large-group time. You'll meet other first-timers and a leader who will give you an overview of Willow's RECOVER program. You can ask questions and share a bit of your story (if you'd like). Your leader will help you get connected to a group for next time.

The RECOVER small groups are structured around four progressive modules: Anchor, Compass, Navigate, and Explore. You'll begin with Anchor, working through each module at your own pace. During group time, you'll have an opportunity  to share your progress, growth, and struggles with this confidential, authentic community.

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